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Team Member Spotlight: Charles Jenkins, Jr.

Charles Jenkins

Dillon CPAs is excited to announce the addition of our new Director of Tax, Charles Jenkins Jr., CPA. Charles joined our team in December 2020 and brings to our team and clients his wealth of individual and business tax expertise and experience. At Dillon CPAs, Charles provides tax advisory to clients as well as tax education and oversight to the Dillon CPAs team. Charles is married to his wife, Annie, and has two children, Matthew and Joanna. Let's get to know Charles beyond the "CPA."

Where is the best place you have traveled and why?

The best place I have traveled, and was even fortunate to live in, is Salt Lake City, UT. The access to the amazing outdoors year round is unparalleled, notably the skiing, hiking, biking, and climbing as well as the 5 national parks in the state.

What is one thing you cannot resist? 

Easy answer - Blue Bell Cookie Two Step ice cream!  

What is your personal motto or mantra?

I have 2: Invest in people not things and also Never settle - always strive to learn and grow.

What do you like best about working for Dillon CPAs?  

The best thing about working for Dillon CPAs is the great people - everyone is great at their job and diligent in how they work, and yet everyone has the correct perspective on life and what is important. This emphasis comes from the top with great owners that prioritize both doing work well and living your life well.

Charles Jenkins family beach photo