Who are we?

Marcus Dillon, CPA

November 10, 2015

It is a simple question that every person, business, and organization has probably asked at one point. Months before the rebranding that we just completed at Dillon CPAs, PLLC, it seemed I was asking this question daily. It turns out I did not like the answer that usually came to mind as we were just like most other CPA firms in West Houston and Katy. We focused on after the fact results and stale information to add “value” to our clients through accounting products and tax returns. This made logical sense to me as a CPA, but as a business owner I don’t place much value on stale information or products that would not help guide today’s business decisions. At that point I knew we would need to break out of our CPA mindsets and focus on what services and products our clients would place more value on.

Timely, accurate, financial data helps guide any business or individual in making important decisions. As businesses and entrepreneurs continue to evolve and demand access to current financial information to make day-to-day decisions, I knew we would have to evolve as professionals and seek out the available resources that would easily allow us to make the shift.

One of the best things I did this summer was connect with Darren Root and his team of advisors at Rootworks in Indianapolis. Darren successfully led his CPA firm in Indiana for decades, but had many of the same issues that we had seen over the past few years. He started to change the way his firm operated and what his role was in the firm by utilizing technologically advanced systems and procedures to define how they served their clients more effectively. He spent intentional time to “work on the business” as opposed to “work in the business”. After doing so, he quickly saw the fruits of his labor as he experienced ideal days with appreciative employees and fully served clients.  Given his commitment to the accounting industry, he saw an opportunity to guide other CPAs and CPA firms that lacked the vision to move past the void of day-to-day operations. Seeing Darren’s successful transition from the CPA firm that exhausted him and his employees to a new firm built on ideal days prompted me to enhance our firm and the services we provide.

The first thing I knew we had to do was write out a plan and start moving down a list of action items. We had to do everything they teach you in business school, but nobody wants to do. I spent hours with our team discussing vision, writing mission statements, and trying to paint a picture of what our business and personal lives could look like with a true life/work balance. After having documented pages of ideas, this new firm of Dillon CPAs, PLLC was starting to take form. I realized the firm we had been up to that point lacked identity because we were too many things to too many people. I was stuck in the mindset that any client was a good client. If they actually paid our invoice timely, they were a great client! This was all wrong and I am so thankful that I begrudgingly identified our ideal client services for our ideal clients. I will continue writing on ideal client services in the next few days.

Our team of professionals at Dillon CPAs, PLLC are excited as we continue to roll out the new ways to be involved with our clients throughout the year and help them guide their businesses and individual financial situations. The employees here are exceptional and are committed to this firm and the client services we provide. The last few months we have vetted technology and client solutions that will help our clients run their businesses better, allow us to interact with our clients more frequently, and provide true value by allowing the business owner to focus on aspects of their business that only they can focus on. Our level of service will define Dillon CPAs, PLLC and answer the question of who we are on a daily basis. I am passionate about this commitment to our clients and I can’t wait to share more with you.

More to come soon!



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