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Marcus Dillon

August 30, 2011

Well let me start off by saying I never thought that I would be a blogger and I don't really know what I am doing. So if you have ever blogged before or if you are a blog connoisseur, you might want to move on to the next site. But if you want to gain some insight into the wonderful world of accounting and tax or get a glimpse into what I think about a subject, buckle up.

Over the past few months my work life has really changed as I left a medium sized CPA firm in Houston to fulfill a dream of opening my own firm closer to home. During the past year, the stars aligned and the heavens shined down to form a realtionship that allowed me to merge my clients with another firm in the Katy area. The result was the merging of Marcus Dillon CPA, PC with Robert U. St. Jean CPA, PC and the creation of St. Jean, Dillon & Associates, PLLC. So far I have to say that the ride has been a great one and I have no regrets about leaving behind a good, stable position at a solid firm to go out and hang my own shingle in Katy, Texas. Although my day can be filled with some tasks I might have shrugged off in the past, I embrace these new tasks for some reason that I really can't explain yet. The feeling can probably be compared to that of a new homeowner. Things you did not really ever care to paint, mow or scrub are now done with joy because of the ownership that you have.

The most obvious thing I have noticed during this transition is the ability to relate to more of my clients on a deeper level. I now know how some of these small business owners think! The opportunity to help somebody else out that has some of the same concerns and issues that I also have is a great joy for me. As an employee at another firm, it was hard for me to wrap my mind around how some of my clients think. Now as a business owner myself, I can more easily relate to the person sitting across the table or on the other end of the phone. When we are working through problems or planning together, we really approach things as a team.

The other cool thing that I have really seen emerge over the past few months comes back to this idea of ownership. As the firm owner, these clients really are MY clients and it is great to see relationships being built and strengthened because of the trust that is being earned. Over the past few years I have seen clients do really well and I have seen some have really hard times. The concept of ownership to me for some reason solidifies my relationships with my clients. It has been great to see clients doing really well for themselves and being able to share in their joy and excitement during those times. At the same time, it is hard to see others struggle because of the economy or other factors. The best thing that I can do as an advisor in both situations is give my clients the best that I have to offer and treat them they way that I would like to be treated if I were in their situation. These relationships and interactions are what keeps me going during the day.

I believe that building solid relationships with others and working through things together as a team can be the best approach in business and in life. If you or anyone you know is at a point in their business or personal financial situation that they would like a trusted advisor to work through things with them, please contact me or pass them my information.

I hope this first blog entry has not been too rough to endure or too amateur. I guess practice makes perfect. See you soon!

Marcus Dillon 

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