Introducing Nancy and Angel Sabino

Marcus Dillon

February 12, 2020

Nancy and Angel Sabino own SabinoCompTech, an outsourced internal IT Department with
a security and compliance focus. This husband and wife duo along with their awesome team
provide excellent service, tools, security, and peace of mind to keep businesses running smoothly
and efficiently. Read to find out why they choose to do Awesome IT!

What about your job brings you joy? The calm after the storm. When we take over the IT
for a business, it's typically becausesomething bad has happened; they were hacked or systems
were down for a long period of time (the storm). We then come in, clean up, secure, and educate
to prevent future occurrences. The result: a calmness, a sense of peace, because the business
resumes operations without worry and without further interruptions. They know we're taking care
of them day in and day out.

Name one piece of business or personal advice you have received and implemented
that has made a positive impact
. You can't be all things to all people and master what you
do. Focus on what you are the best at, and you'll have a bigger impact on the right people. Our
business model is focused in this way, and it has yielded a greater impact on our clients, our
business, and our personal life as well.

How has Dillon CPAs been a part of the success of your business? Dillon CPAs took over
our accounting worries! With their advice and expertise as well as them handling our payroll,
taxes, bookkeeping and more, we've been able to focus on our business and what we do best!

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